My name is Chris Liao, but most know me as ajinkris, a rather absurd homophone for “asian chris”, which was given to me without a say in the matter. I am, simply put, a complicated person. I have many passions in life and I wish to tell the world about them. Oftentimes, I may come off as brash or officious, but believe me when I promise that everything is written in all and good fun. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it, and please remember not to let my persistent sarcasm cut you in the face.

As of February 2011, I am still a student at the Art Institute of Orange County, majoring in Advertising. I currently work at MEDL Mobile, a company that creates and markets cellphone apps. More than a designer or salesman or whatever, I see myself as a creative problem solver. I’m working semi-diligently on synthesizing a compelling portfolio and have been immersing myself in the Chinese and Japanese cultures to give my work a different edge. I enjoy what I do and I hope I can make both a living and difference with it in the future.


3 Responses to “who?”

  1. first! i am so effin awesome!

  2. 2 Roman


    If you lost a PNY thumb drive, please contact me. Not sure if it’s important or not. Found at Carrows Restaurant parking lot in Orange.

      Damn this is awesome! You didn’t really leave me any contact info, but hopefully this reaches you.


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