elder dragon highlander gear


Anybody who dabbles in my hobbies knows that I love to play EDH, also known as Elder Dragon Highlander, also known as Commander, also known as a multiplayer nerd-fest. For those of you who don’t, EDH is a 100-card format of Magic the Gathering. You select a legendary creature who is your “general” and build your deck around him or her. But before I go in too deep, I’m going to veer off into the main topic of today’s posting: swagger. More than any other format (well, maybe not more than Vintage), EDH is a prime place for making your decks look pretty. This means you’ll see tons of foiling and tons of alterations. Beyond that, you’ll see a select few people that have gone beyond just the magical cards and begun to delve into beautifying the peripherals – mats, dice, and dice bags.

Most people settle for a standard d20 or perhaps a notepad and a pen. But for us vain people, check it out:

The Elder Dragon Vault. This baby cost me a pretty hefty $15, considering it's basically just cardboard will a nice finish. However, it is perfectly sized, allows you to carry three decks, and also has a holster for dice! The colors are very vibrant and the text is in gold foil. Overall, it's very class and convenient. I'd say it's worth it!

Take a peek inside! Impressive space, die cuts so you can easily grab your decks, and decorations instead of the plain brown cardboard innards that you usually see.

This has got to be the best dice bag on earth. It's durable, great choice of fabrics, reversible, and stands with a flat bottom! If you want to buy one dice bag in your lifetime, I recommend buying one from here, cause it'll last you a long time. It's slightly more expensive than your average bag, but I guarantee that you'll be pleased to have one.

To order one of these, look up marsbarn on Etsy.com!

Lastly, I want to talk about these magnificent dice. You can buy them on Amazon or eBay, but they originate from Q-Workshop. There's tons of different themed dice; pictured above are Elven (Red/Black) and Earthdawn (Beige). They're very classy if you're looking for an upgrade from Chessex (which are fine too).

So yea, this post was just some silly stuff about my hobbies. I haven’t had much extra time as it’s my final quarter. I promise to do an entire post on my graduation process though. Until then!

>> Graduating in a month! Forever!


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